Last week of the season!

Hello Union Street friends,

This is our last week of the season! Please come out and support us as we say good bye to another great season!

Thank you very much for your preference, support and for making it possible for us to stay open all throughout this summer.

Below this week’s schedule:

  • Monday September 24th, Rico Peru Food Truck
  • Tuesday September 25th Rico Peru Food Truck
  • Wednesday September 26th Sula Wok
  • Thursday September 27th Dash Mobile 
  • Friday September 28th, Sula Wok


Union Street Food Trucks

Rico Peru Food Van

Hello Union foodies!

As many of you may have noticed Rico Peru has now a van! They bring a different menu with the same love and heart they put into their meals!

Here what the van looks like for now:

Soon to look like this, wrapping has been scheduled by first week of July!

In the meantime, you can enjoy their menu plus daily specials! Visit them on Mondays and some Tuesdays, as they alternate the food truck and the food van on Tuesdays!

Thank you for your support!

We appreciate your support! Please keep spreading the word!

Hello friends at Union Street Food Trucks!

As we finalize our third week into the season, we want to take a moment to thank you very much for your support. I know the weather during the first three days of this week was not the greatest, but some of you still came out. Thank you very much for that!

Our business is weather dependent, we all try our very best to continue when there is light rain or when predictions are lower than 80% . Some of us may even come out at risk of showers. Consequently, we are trying our very best to keep all lines of communications updated. We are always updating our website, our calendar and our twitter feeds in order to keep you as well informed as possible.

So once again, thank you very much for your support, please continue spreading the word among your coworkers and friends that food vendors are back, we are all local small business and without your support we could not make it.

The season is short, so lets all enjoy it as much as possible!

For any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to email us by filling out our email form found on the main page, or via text at 613.816.1617.


Union Street Food Trucks

We are finally back!

Hello guys!

Here some updates on the schedule. Please note that the schedule will be updated every Friday evening for the week that follows it.

So for example, next update should be Friday June 1st. Any last minute changes will be updated through our twitter account which is showing on our main page. For any questions, please feel free to reach us at 613.816.1617. 

Here goes the schedule:

  • Monday May 28th, Sula Wok
  • Tuesday May 29th, Rico Peru Food Truck
  • Wednesday May 30th, Sula Wok
  • Thursday May 31st, Dash Mobile
  • Friday June 1st, Royi Latina Fusion


Thank you very much for spreading the word, and for your support!

Happy Thursday!

Union Street Food Trucks

The food truck season has ended

All good things must come to an end . With incoming rain and the inevitable snow on the horizon the food truck season has ended. Thank you everyone for coming out and supporting your local food vendors!

A big thank you goes out to the food truck association and the city of Ottawa for making this possible. Without your hard work this would never have happened. A special thanks also goes out to the pioneer who started this adventure last year, Gavin.

There is however, one more surprise! Sula Wok, everyone’s favourite Asian fusion taco cart, will be making deliveries on Thursday based on pre-orders. If you’d like some mouth watering Mongolian beef or some tasty tofu among other delightful dishes contact Sula Wok at

Hope you all have a wonderful winter!

Union Street food trucks

Update: Thursday June 29th

We’ve had a last minute cancellation due to weather conditions.

Unfortunately Sula Wok is not coming today, there will be no food truck but stay tuned! There is also no food truck on Friday due to Canada day. Tuesday we’ll be back!

Happy Canada day!

Schedule for the week of June 26

This week is gearing up to be a good one for food trucks. Here are the vendors that have confirmed for the coming days.

Monday, June 26 – Ad Mare

Tuesday, June 27 – The Grilled Cheeserie

Wednesday, June 28 – Rico Peru

Thursday, June 29 – Sula Wok

Friday, June 30 – [no truck confirmed yet]

Have a great week!