About Us

Our mission

Here at Union Street Food Trucks, our goal is to spread the word when food trucks arrive on Union Street; we’re here to keep you updated with the latest information on the food trucks.

This website and the promotional material associated with Union Street Food Trucks are run by a small group of volunteers who work at 111 Sussex and 125 Sussex. While we communicate about the food trucks, we do not receive compensation. This website and its content are not intended for commercial use, but rather to spread the word and provide a space to pool together information about the Union Street food trucks.

Credit where credit is due

The real heroes of the story are the city of Ottawa for providing a space for food trucks, the Capital Street Food Association for organizing the food trucks and liaising with the city, and the food trucks themselves for providing excellent delicacies for our taste buds.

A special thank you goes out to the man who started this adventure back in 2016. Thank you Gavin for all your hard work last year and for laying out the groundwork for this year.

We’re glad to be here for another food truck filled summer!