The food truck season has ended

All good things must come to an end . With incoming rain and the inevitable snow on the horizon the food truck season has ended. Thank you everyone for coming out and supporting your local food vendors!

A big thank you goes out to the food truck association and the city of Ottawa for making this possible. Without your hard work this would never have happened. A special thanks also goes out to the pioneer who started this adventure last year, Gavin.

There is however, one more surprise! Sula Wok, everyone’s favourite Asian fusion taco cart, will be making deliveries on Thursday based on pre-orders. If you’d like some mouth watering Mongolian beef or some tasty tofu among other delightful dishes contact Sula Wok at

Hope you all have a wonderful winter!

Union Street food trucks

5 thoughts on “The food truck season has ended

    • unionstreetfoodtrucks

      The Food Truck Association has to negotiate a new contract with the City to rent the parking lot, and unfortunately things are going more slowly than they would like. Rest assured, the trucks will be in the space as soon as they legally can be!


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