Union Street Food Trucks – the 2017 Edition?

As Ned Stark never said – winter is going.

Perhaps not quickly enough to suit us, but nonetheless, it will soon be on its way out.

And come the spring, our fancy turns to walks in the park, the smell of new flowers… and maybe, just maybe, eating somewhere other than the cafeteria.

Which should be where the food trucks come in.

Except that the person who organized them last year is now out on post. And the person who was caretaker at the end of last season has too many commitments.

Which means that while the Food Truck Association has called to ask when they can start coming again, and the precedent is there for renting the Bordeleau parking lot from the City, and we know the customers are keen… no one is on deck to make this happen.

So this is a call for expressions of interest.

To make Union Street 2017 happen will take one of two things – either a single individual who is willing to invest up to one day a week doing this as a part-time business venture, or a small committee of volunteers, each willing to spend an hour or so a week.  In either scenario, it is likely to take a bit more time early in the year, and less once the season is up and running.

The labour involved is not rocket science – talking with the City; liaising with the trucks; setting the roster; a weekly website update; collecting payments from the trucks (to recoup the cost of the rental contract with the City); some basic marketing/publicity; and the ubiquitous “troubleshooting.”

In some respects, the tasks might be best suited to a single individual with an entrepreneurial spirit – someone has to sign a contract with the City, and it involves fronting a not insubstantial sum of money, both aspects which could be challenging for a committee.  Approached with some business savvy, there would even be a modest profit in it.

Would you like to get involved?  If so, and you think you’d like to take this on solo, then drop us a line by March 22nd at unionstreetfoodtrucks@gmail.com.

If you’re interested but would rather engage as part of a committee, then either form a consortium with friends and notify us by e-mail, or post your willingness to volunteer in the comments section of this blog, so you can connect with other people who might also be up for the challenge.

In two weeks time we’ll close out the expressions of interest, consider the options, and hand over the keys to the kingdom (contacts with City and the food trucks; spreadsheets; templates; access codes for the website) to whoever looks like the best candidate to run this smoothly – because at the end of the day, having this run well is what will make the lives of colleagues at 111 and 125 just that little bit better.

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