We regret to announce the end of the 2016 Season

Sadly we had little option but to close the 2016 Union Street Food Truck season on Friday 30 September.

It has been an amazing 4 months, for which we would like to thank you, the customers, for making so memorable.

June was quite remarkable, and the sales figures proved it! The figures in July were a little lower, but still very high.  A quieter August we were expecting because of vacations. But the anticipated post-Labour Day surge as everybody came back to work in September just did not happen. On the contrary, figures continued to fall.

In fact, the figures in September continued to fall to the point where it became harder to attract some of the trucks that had been so popular in June and July.

Encouraged by your feedback, we tried hard to extend the season into October. Indeed, discussions were still going on into this weekend to try  and identify options to provide some sort of service through October. But the sales figures in September meant that in the end it did just not prove possible.

So, with much regret and with apologies to our loyal customers, we have to declare the 2016 Season closed!

We plan to re-open in 2017, and many of the trucks have already told us that they would be happy to come back, so good bye for now, and we hope to see you again next Spring!

In the meantime, we would be happy to receive feedback on what you liked, what you didn’t like quite so much…….and your theories on why the anticipated post-Labour day bounce did not happen!




10 thoughts on “We regret to announce the end of the 2016 Season

  1. Dean

    In terms of attracting customers, I think a little advertising would go a long way. Perhaps in the lobbies of the buildings if possible, bulletin boards, etc. Most people I talked to in August and September were usually unaware the food trucks were still there.


  2. Maria


    Several weeks ago, I emailed. One of my theories about the post-Labour day figures is fluctuating weather and that the trucks were booked for 5 days per week.
    I think by now folks have determined which truck they like and which they do not. I also think that availability 5 days per week was too much. In a past email, I suggested that perhaps 3 days per week may be worth trying (perhaps Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays). Also, figures were higher at the beginning when 2 trucks were available.

    In terms of hallway discussions, a lot of word-of-mouth occurred on an ongoing basis related to certain trucks. This helped in increasing demand on days when they were present, such as Ad Mare, Rico Peru, Angry Dragonz, and Stella Luna.

    That’s my 2 cents. Thanks for the opportunity to provide feedback. The option of a phone number below (in addition to email) to allow for feedback would also be helpful.
    Hope this helps.

    Thank you again for organizing this year’s pilot season!!
    Looking forward to next year’s truck season



  3. Kat G

    Personally I stopped going to the trucks because it was the same trucks over and over and over again … And the trucks that stayed weren’t ones I found particularly good, considering their costs. In particular, I have to say that Sula Wok is incredibly underwhelming, and I don’t know anyone who enjoyed their offerings…and yet they were here all the time. A lot of the trucks that came in June and early July never returned, which was disappointing.


  4. Georgina

    I work at 200 PDP, but if ever a meeting took me to LBP around lunch time, I often went to check out the trucks. My favourite was Mr. Churritos because I usually do have my own home made lunch, but Mr. Churritos offered a delicious dessert.. It is hard to please everybody, and I think you did a fantastic job organizing some trucks to come. There is so little variety for lunch options at LBP unless you take a long lunch to walk to the Market. Maybe you could do a survey to find out which are the most popular trucks and when people are likely to eat out. I would say Thursday and Fridays. You could set up a simple survey in Agora.


  5. Andrew

    Thanks for the post. I’m new to the neighbourhood and saw the food trucks earlier in the season. With a gorgeous fall day today, I thought I would walk over and have lunch outside…Unfortunately no trucks…My neighbour explained the closure at the end of Sept. Well, let’s hope I can drop by next season (although no season should prevent having outdoor activities – including eating good food.)


  6. Gourmand Affairs Canada

    Recently arrived Sussex in the fall and I took advantage of the trucks when I could. I was amazed at how low awareness was of the trucks by folks who had been here all year, even with this handy website and colleagues occasionally posting the menus (Perhaps gathering sign-ups for the mail alert at the trucks would build a regular audience?). Perhaps next year would benefit from an awareness blitz of sorts. Perhaps with a kick-off event?


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