About our trucks…

Ad Mare Mobile Seafoodadmareseafood.com. Like the name suggests, they prepare a variety of delicious seafood dishes, using only fresh seafood to ensure quality, freshness and variety.

Angry Dragonz – www.angrydragonz.com. Asian fusion with a twist – rice bowls, noodles, skewers and more.

Big D’s Dog House & Poutine Emporium – www.bigdsdoghouse.com. Serving up gourmet hot dogs and poutine, fresh and locally bought.

Bytown Bayou Louisiana Smokehousewww.bytownbayou.ca. True Southern cooking the way the old folks used to make it. Fresh ingredients and BBQ done right!

Dash Mobilewww.dashtruck.ca.  A diverse menu based on what’s in season. Think kimchi grilled cheese stuffed with shredded pork, or a walnut flax burger, or slow-braised meats and quick pickles…

Dosa Inc dosainc.ca. Serving an eclectic selection of the delectable rice batter and lentil creations known as dosas, plus special recipe chutney and sambar sides.

The Grilled Cheeseriewww.thegrilledcheeserie.com. Ottawa’s original Grilled Cheese Food Truck! Adventures in gooey deliciousness.

The Merry Dairy – themerrydairy.com. Fresh, premium, original-recipe Jersey (soft-serve) and Midwest (scooped) style frozen custard, plus Merry Pops & homemade cookies

Mr. Churritosmrchurritos.com. Offers the famous Mexican churro, which is the simple but delicious concept of fried dough rolled in cinnamon and sugar. Complement it with dipping sauces like dulce de leche, or with a traditional Mexican hot chocolate!

Red Roaster – redroastertruck.com. Rotisserie style chicken, sandwiches and sides. A changing menu but some standards include pulled pork tacos, jhal muri, and sweet potato fries.

Rico Peruricoperu.ca. Mouth-watering Peruvian cuisine on wheels. Meals made from scratch with fresh ingredients. Ceviche, anyone?

Rico Peru also offers Cremoladas – a delightful blend of real fruit and crushed ice that is perfect for quenching your thirst on a hot day.

Stella Lunawww.slgelato.com. Not just your ordinary gelato. Freshly handcrafted by a chef trained in Bologna, and awarded 4th Best Gelato in North America in the Gelato World Tour!

Streat Gourmet – Locally sourced ingredients and an ever-changing variety of international street cuisine. Check their daily blackboard menu on Twitter.

Sula Woksulawok.com. “An Asian Taste Adventure” – blending traditional Asian flavours into popular street foods of the world.

Sula Wok also offers Suzy Q doughnuts (suzyq.ca), which honour the traditional Finnish recipe of the “Sugar Munkki” with unique flavours like Maple Bacon, Cookies n’ Cream, and Dirty Chocolate

Urban Cowboyurbancowboyeats.com. Serves Texas-style food, with a mix of BBQ and Tex-Mex, but the backbone of the operation is the celebrated Belcher Burger.




8 thoughts on “About our trucks…

  1. Mila

    It is great news. Make sure you have a good system to have the food ready quickly. Last time there were big delays because the demand was much bigger than the people in the trucks expected. If you can have stuff already sort of prepared ahead of time it might be better.


    • unionstreetfoodtrucks

      Good advice, though there are still limits – it can hard for any one truck to serve much more than a hundred people given their space constraints, there are an awful lot of people at 111 and 125, and the chefs take their food prep too seriously to take shortcuts. If you want to be sure, some of the trucks let you pre-order through their apps or websites… Or you can get there early!


  2. Victoria

    Great if you could do up a simple PDF that we can post in the office or elevator each week with the menu. I made one last week and this week but would be great to just be able to print something.


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